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Soft Spot for Support

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My very first “real” job out of college was as the admin for the director of customer service at the digital type foundry Bitstream.

One day, I had to deliver a job requisition for a new tech support agent down to the HR department. As I was walking down the hall reading it, I though “I could do this job!” so I turned around and asked my boss, Jan Hames, if I could apply.

And that’s how I ended up with a phone glued to my ear for two years, and I loved it.

Turns out, I had a knack for troubleshooting computers (still do, thanks mom and dad for all the phone calls!). And I like to help people solve problems, so it was a good fit.

I also became a software junkie. The fonts we sold worked with every program on the market, so I had to learn how fonts and printing worked in every product – from design to spreadsheets on Windows and Mac.

A good day was when a customer would send a letter to know we’d actually helped them. Sentimentally, I have saved these all these years! Here were my faves:


Best Envelope Ever!


(Louise and I are still friends after all those years!)


Back in the day, Wordperfect was the most popular program!


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