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Prototyping & Chutzpah

We’ve spent the past few weeks refining our story of building a design thinking team and organization at Citrix for the Management Innovation eXchange

I look at everything we did over the past 3 years and it has been amazing! How did a little team do so much?

We are prototyping addicts.

One of our Senior Vice Presidents, Gordon Payne, was describing how he thinks about org changes — that he always considers them a prototype. And that then lets employees feel like it’s OK to try the new arrangement and give feedback. And it gives managers a way to make more changes and iterate the new structure.

Similarly, my team sees everything we do as a prototype. “Lets try it” is the answer to any idea that comes up. And if you have both a passion and some chutzpah for the idea, then voila, we’ve launched something new . And so,  we are constantly prototyping how our team works, how we change the organization how we engage with our business partners.

So when you read our story, there is no shortage of ideas, of approaches, of programs aimed at different aspects of organizational transformation.

Because it is all a journey and we’re prototyping our way through it with a little Chutzpah!